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Moneyworld Inve$tor Board game

Moneyworld Inve$tor Board game

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Year Published
# of Players
2 − 5


From the back of the box:

Now, you can be a Global Investor! Buy and sell currencies, properties, commodities, production plants and shops. Collect rent and make profits. Yes, make a billion dollars! But to win, you n eed to make good decisions, form partnerships, be prudent, take risks; and, most of all, have balance in your life. So,.. Go.. get it!

Investing is... "The greatest game in the world" according to Mr. Barton Briggs, head of Morgan Stanley Asset Management, and one of the world's biggest international money managers.
This boardgame deals with issues related to the world economy and global investment. Design for
- families who love to play together,
- parents who wish to impart values and skills for future success,
- students for interactive learning, and
- friends in a mood for indoor fun.

Educational - young people learn about global economic issues, market trends and money management. They learn to plan ahead, make wise decisions, change with the times, take calculated risks, form partnerships, and have a balanced life.
Fun and Entertaining - the whole family, and friends, of ages 12 & up, may enjoy interacting, collaborating and competing with one another through a game that is never the same everytime you play it!

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