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Shooting Stars - NZ's Top 30 performing Stocks in 2016

Shooting Stars - NZ's Top 30 performing Stocks in 2016

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New Zealand Shooting stars

Last Update: 2016

On an average basis, the top performing 30 companies have increased its share price by 72.78% for the 52 weeks period.

The NZX 50 index reached a new record of 7585.29 on 8th September 2016, lifting the index’s performance for the 52 weeks’ period to a gain of 36.09% from the lowest of 5573.71.

These “30 Shooting stars” have doubled the gain of NZX50.

Some of the reasons for the stellar performance are:

·     Historic low interest rates with OCR at 2% is driving the share market incline as investors sought better returns than what they could get at the bank.

·     Retired investors in particular were turning to the share market in search of higher income investments because low interest rates offered by banks were not providing enough income to live on.

·     The New Zealand market offered some of the highest dividend yields in the world which was also attracting foreign investors to the market. Regular inflow of Kiwisaver funds.

·     A stable political scene in New Zealand also made NZX companies attractive to foreign buyers.

·     Building sector stocks and anything exposed to the tourism sector were doing exceptionally well.

·     Regular inflow of Kiwisaver funds.

Investment Research Group (IRG) bring to you NZ’s 30 public companies which have seen high growth and gone up at least by 25% or above from its lowest price point in the previous 52 weeks’ period.

To get detailed information on these companies, book your copy of “NZ shooting Stars”.


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