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Group Discounts

Do you run a Share Club or Investment Club? Are you a member of a Share or Investment Club? Are you involved in student or other academic groups?

If the answer is yes, IRG has a generous offer for you.

For the first time, beginning in 2020, IRG is offering exclusive prices on new IRG Yearbooks for managers and members of Share Clubs, Investment Clubs and Student Groups. The IRG Investment Yearbook is an excellent book for investors of all kinds, whether you are a relatively new investor looking for a broad overview of the market, or an experienced investor who would appreciate a summation of the market as a whole, the IRG Investment Yearbook is the book for you. IRG is willing to sell its newest IRG Yearbooks to you and your group members at an exceptional price, which also includes free shipping & delivery.
IRG is also extending this offer to Educators, particularly in the secondary school sector, who may wish to consider using this book as a resource in classrooms.

Just submit your contact details through the form below or call us at 0800-474-669. We will contact you back to discuss and finalise the offer.