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The Best Ever Father's Day Offer

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The Best Ever Father's Day Offer!

We have put together our best ever IRG Yearbook package! 

We have three options available, choose from:

Option 1) 2x The 43rd Edition IRG Yearbook


Option 2) 1x 43rd Edition + 1x 41st Edition


Option 3) 1x 43rd Edition + 1x Vintage 39th Edition

But that's not all, all options will also include a complimentary copy of the excellent book The ABCs of Business, by Tony Falkenstein, one of New Zealand's leading entrepreneurs.

Each option has a total retail value of over $75,
but we're offering each for just $32.95!

At great value like this, you could get great presents for two or three people for just $32.95! Keep one or two for yourself even!


IRG Investment Yearbooks are great gifts for Students, Investors, or for general education about the state of the markets.

Each yearbook offers a one page summary on listed companies such as Xero, A2 Milk, BHP, HSBC, Louis Vuitton and over 200 other listed companies in New Zealand, Australia and across the World.

Order now so we can ship and deliver it before Father's Day!


Acquire the information to allow you to make better investment decisions!

The IRG YearBook gives readers :

 - 5 Year summaries of All New Zealand listed companies

 - 5 Year summaries of All S&P/ASX 100 listed companies

 - 5 Year summaries of over 20 leading World Companies

If you   

 -  Have an interest in investing, or in the local or world share markets.

 -  Want to know more about markets, companies and players in business.

 -  Want to see how investments have performed (or how they haven't!) over time.

 - Want to learn about some major historic corporate success stories.

Then you should buy an IRG Yearbook!

We inform, you decide.

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