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2015: Methven

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Last Updated: 06/2015

Methven Limited (MVN.NZX) is a New Zealand-based company which designs, manufactures and supplies shower ware, tap ware and water control valves. Its Shower Skincare products include the four-step process, aromatherapy, NZ Botanicals, Water Purity, Skin Cleansing, Skin Conditioning and Skin Nourishing. Its Bathroom products include slide showers, basin taps, shower taps, bath taps, basin faucets, shower heads, overhead showers, hand showers, shower mixers, basin mixers, bath mixers and spouts. Its kitchen and laundry products include sink mixers, sink faucets, sink taps and washing machine taps. Its subsidiaries include Methven Australia

Pty Limited, Methven USA Inc., The Deva Tap Company Limited, Methven UK Limited, Windsor Water Fittings Limited, Howard Bird & Company Limited, Methven (Xiamen) Showers & Taps Co., Limited and Methven Hotel Solutions Pty Limited.

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