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45th, 44th and 43rd IRG Investment Yearbook Combo (Special)

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We are offering with every sale of the 45th IRG Investment Yearbook, a complimentary copy of the 41st edition of the IRG Investment Yearbook, while stocks of the later last. If you are considering buying the new 45th edition, then why not capitalise on this complementary addition of the 41st IRG yearbook while stocks last.

The IRG Investment Yearbook, 45th Edition, is a brilliant go-to reference for investors, both new and experienced, who want a quick and convenient summary of the history of hundreds of companies from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the World!

The Trade Wars have been the big theme impacting on investments during the past year and into the next, with markets seesawing as trade discussions have stalled and progressed between America and China. This saga continues and it remains to be seen whether the bears or the bulls will prevail. As far as companies are concerned, there will be winners and losers!

The 45th Edition of the yearbook includes:

- 144 New Zealand Listed Entities
- 100 of the Top Australian Listed Entities
- 29 of the Top World Listed Entities & 5 notable Singapore Listed Entities

Company profiles offer full page analysis, summarising:

-  Key company details
-  Up to 5 years of financial reporting data
-  Key market statistics
-  Assessment of performance and outlook commentary 

Brimming with detail and insight, The 45th IRG Investment Yearbook also makes for good gifting. Whether for students, retirees or corporate events, our Yearbook has something to offer for everyone!

Make no mistake, this is it:
The 45th Edition is the best Yearbook we've ever produced! And it really is!
Order your copy today, You will not regret it!


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