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2016: Goodman Property Trust Units

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Last updated: 01/2016

Goodman Property Trust (GMT) is an externally managed listed Unit Trust that invests in high quality industrial and business space property. GMT has a substantial property offering that is focused in the main distribution centres of Auckland and Christchurch.

The portfolio includes estates and stand-alone properties that provide around 1,000,000 m2 of rentable area, accommodating more than 250 customers. Some of GMT’s property include Central Park, Highbrook and Millennium Centre in Auckland and Glasswork and Southpark in Christchurch with prominent customer portfolio which includes well- known companies such as Air New Zealand, New Zealand Post, Mighty River Power, Ford Motor Company and Vodafone.

GMT has a corporate credit rating of "BBB" from Standard & Poor's. GMT is managed by the ASX listed Goodman Group through its subsidiary Goodman (NZ) Limited. The interests of the manager are aligned with other investors through its cornerstone unit holding in the Trust. At 8 July 2014, Goodman Group held 17.5% of the units in GMT.

Sponsored by Colonial Ltd, the Trust made a public offering of 145m units in May 1999 at $1 per unit. With a market capitalisation of over $1.3 billion at 30 July 2014, GMT is one of the NZSX’s largest investment entities and a constituent in the leading NZX15 index.

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