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2015: Fonterra Shareholder's Fund Units

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Last updated: 03/2015

Fonterra Shareholders’ Fund Unit (FSF.NZ) is a unit trust established to invest in the economic rights of shares in Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited. The unit holder can receive dividends but does not have any voting rights or any control over governance of Fonterra. Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited is owned by 10,600 New Zealand farmers and is the world’s largest global milk processor and dairy exporter.  Fonterra is ranked fourth (by dairy product turnover) with a turnover of US$15.7 billion – behind Nestlé at US$25.9 billion, Danone at US$19.5 billion and Lactalis at US$18.8 billion. The fund units were sold in an initial public offering in November 2012 at $5.50 per unit.

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