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41st edition IRG Yearbook & 20 Reports Subscription

41st edition IRG Yearbook & 20 Reports Subscription

  • $11999

This offer entitles you to purchase the 41st edition of IRG Yearbook 2015-2016 and 20 Reports Subscription from the IRG Online Library.

The 41st Edition includes summary of 145 New Zealand, 100 Australian & 25 Recognised Global listed companies.

Find out information on Global brands such as

   -Apple      -Google      -Louis Vuitton      -Berkshire Hathaway     -BMW

Plus many More 

Each page provides information on the Company’s 5 years historical financial performance with addition of

  • Key statistics of the company such as Market capitalisation & PE ratio
  • Summary of the Company performance and Outlook
  • Dividend, Gross profit, Operating income and Earnings growth in last 5 years
  • Analyst Consensus on high, low and median share price
  • 5 year graph of the performance

The INVESTMENT YEARBOOK is a great reference for any investor to review the history of these NZ, Australian and Global Stocks.

The Book is crammed full of Investment Information. There will be facts that even the most experienced investor does not know.

It is a brilliant gift for uncles, aunties, fathers, mothers, or anyone interested in Investment. It may be a student or simply someone who wants to learn. It’s a great Corporate Gift.

20 Reports Subscription entitles you to choose detailed report on individual companies from the IRG Online Library.

The reports are two types.


The report consists of Business Description, Highlights, Industry overview and Competitive Positioning, Financial Analysis, Management & substantial investor overview, Investment Risks, Market consensus and complete with information on Historical 5 years Income, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements.


The report consists of Business summary, Share performance, Financial summary, Outlook, Management overview and Key ratio analysis. This report also comes with last 3 years historical information on the company’s Annual & Interim Income, Balance Sheet and Cash flow statements as well as a graphical representation of key items.



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