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2015: Vector Limited

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Last updated: 12/2015

Vector Limited (VCT.NZ) is a New Zealand-based company engaged in the infrastructure sector in New Zealand. It operates in four segments: Electricity, Gas Transportation, Gas Wholesale and Technology. Its Electricity segment includes ownership and management of electricity distribution networks. Gas Transportation includes ownership and management of gas transmission and distribution networks. Gas Wholesale includes natural gas (acquisition, processing and retailing), LPG (distribution, storage and retailing) and cogeneration. Technology includes telecommunications networks, electricity and gas metering.

Vectors assets reportedly perform a key role in delivering energy and communication services to more than one million homes and businesses across New Zealand. Vector also has a Data management services and 60.25% ownership of bulk LPG distributor Liquigas. Vector is also responsible for Fibre optic networks in Auckland and Wellington, delivering high speed broadband services. In addition to their energy and fibre optic businesses Vector also own 50% share in Treescape (An arboriculture and vegetation management company) and 22 % share in NZ

Windfarms (A power generation company). Vector was listed on the NZSX in 2005.

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