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2016: Property For Industries Limited

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Last updated: 01/2016

Property For Industry Limited (PFI) is a New Zealand-based company engaged in property investment and management. The Company offers opportunity for investors to participate in a specialist property investment company. The Company’s focus is on industrial property, traditionally a segment of the property market that investors have found difficult to access, distinguishes this company from other investment opportunities.

PFI was listed in 1994 to provide investors with an opportunity to invest in prime New Zealand industrial property. This proved attractive to both institutional and private investors, and shareholder numbers have grown from 588 in December 1994 to 5,164 at the end of February 2014. Shareholders can elect to receive their dividends in the form of PFI shares, rather than cash, through the company’s dividend reinvestment scheme. Shareholders participating in this programme receive their shares at a discount to market price.

PFI is managed by PFIM, a private company owned by interests associated with McDougall Reidy & Co Limited. On 1 July 2013, PFI merged with Direct Property Fund Limited.

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