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2015: Chorus Limited

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Last updated: 07/2015

Chorus Limited maintains and builds a network made up of local telephone exchanges, cabinets and copper and fiber cables. The Company has approximately 32,000 kilometers of fiber and 130,000 kilometers of copper cabling. These cables connect back to local telephone exchanges, mobile phone towers owned by mobile service providers. It offers a range of products delivered over its copper network and new products designed to provide access to the ultra-fast broadband (UFB) fiber network.


Chorus began trading on the NZSX on November 2011.The chorus listing marked one of the final steps towards the structural separation of New Zealand’s local access network business from Telecom. Court approval for the split was given earlier after 99.8% of votes from Telecom shareholders were in favour of demerger. Chorus was chosen by the Crown to build a fibre network for about 830,000 premises, representing approximately 70% of the UFB initiative. In all, Chorus expects to deploy approximately 20,000km of fibre for the UFB and Rural Broadband Initiatives by 2020.The new fibre network will complement Chorus’ existing fibre and copper network that provides about 1.8 million connections today. A wide range of service providers use this network to deliver fixed line phone, broadband and data services to New Zealand homes and businesses.

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